10 Essentials to Bring to Puerto Vallarta

It’s, November, so our seasonal residents are returning to Puerto Vallarta to escape the cold and settle back into a slower pace of life. Since many are regular visitors, they know that there are some essential and hard to find items that they must absolutely positively pack.

Here are my top ten items:

  1. Bring your own electronics. Computers, tablets, Smartphones and Kindles are all more expensive and the selection is very limited.
  2. Books. Yes, I do still read actual books and I always try to bring a stack with me. Vallarta does have a few book exchange programs, and the wonderful Page in the Sun bookstore/cafe carries a good selection of titles (some are in French and German, too!).
  3. Beauty Products. If you are fair skinned, consider bringing cosmetics. Most products are geared to the olive skinned complexion. My wife even had to start using a darker hair dye due to availability issues.
  4. High quality clothing. In Puerto Vallarta purchasing the latest styles can be prohibitively expensive. Sizing, too, can be an issue. If you are a long tall person, with big feet, you may have some serious issues finding clothing and shoes.  Also, due to the damp climate, beware of bringing too many fancy leather shoes and bags, as the moisture and mildew will cause them to disintegrate.
  5. Sheets. I know it sounds crazy, but bring your sheets! Simple 100% cotton linens are difficult to find here, and can be outrageously expensive.
  6. Cards and games. Our family is CRAZY for the card game Skip Bo. We always bring a deck, or ask a friend to bring one for us. Remember to pack any board/card games or puzzle that you love.
  7. Vitamin supplements and medications are available here, but not the same variety and pricing can be outrageous. Bring what you need. For instance, it is impossible to find an Epi-Pen here, so if you have a severe allergy be sure to pack a few.
  8. Specialty food items. No, there is no Trader Joes (sob!), and though many food items can be found with some hunting, you won’t get the vast array of gluten free stuff, chocolates, oils and spices.
  9. Sports equipment can be found, though specialty items can be expensive and hard to come by. If you are a runner, pack your favorite shoes along with a back up pair.
  10. A big smile. I know it sounds corny, but this is perhaps the most important item. Since, it is Mexico, after all, and even if you don’t bring any of the above, a relaxed and happy attitude is by far your most essential accessory!

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check on exactly what you can and cannot bring into the country. The website Yucalandia provides and excellent guide. Checkout their site at: http://yucalandia.com/answers-to-common-questions/what-can-i-bring-into-mexico-mexican-customs-rules-the-article/

If you have questions of comments regarding moving to Puerto Vallarta, feel free to contact me anytime at G3MEX Real Estate Group: 322-209-0832 or on my cell phone at: 044-322-135-0424.

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