A Castle in a Paradise

If you know Puerto Vallarta, you know we are renowned for fun beaches, great food, a beautiful Bay and a hot nightlife. But we are also graced by a plethora of fine craftsmen and artisans. Walk by any building construction site and you see that everything is created by hand. Our local construction workers, brick layers and craftsmen take tremendous pride in having built this town. They will gladly point out houses that they, their fathers or their grandfathers helped to construct.

Casa de la Torre is one of the best examples of this phenomenon. All of the locals know it as the “castle” in Old Town Vallarta. It is absolutely a testament to how skilled and creative our local craftsmen are. The entire house is built of mortared stone and you can spend hours studying the ingenious masonry of the main column in the living room. Or recline on the sofa to take in the ceilings mortared with small rocks and pieces of brick.

The house also boasts unique Spanish influenced ironwork, a cheerful Talavera tiled kitchen, grand and colorful stained glass windows, carefully carved woodwork and lush hanging gardens. There’s not a corner of the villa that doesn’t have a surprise architecturally or decoratively.

Casa de la Torre was completed in 1970 for señor Salvador Escalante, a local Vallarta businessman. His vision was splendidly whimsical. The signature three- story tower provides you with a 360 degree view of the Bay of Banderas and the surrounding Sierra Madre Mountain range. A grand feat of construction and design, especially considering that the spiral staircase was soldered together piece-by-piece inside of the narrow main tower structure

Another exquisite feature is the handmade Medusa fountain, which greets visitors upon arrival. The water from the shell-shaped basin cascades directly into the swimming pool, making you feel as though you’re lounging around the Baths of Caracalla in ancient Rome.

Today, the villa it is owned by an American couple who fell in love with its unusual Colonial Mexican style and central downtown location. They’d decided on Vallarta as a permanent vacation spot, but also wanted a property that could easily be used as a villa rental and event location.

Fabien Madesclaire, a top agent at our company, G3MEX Real Estate Group, heard that this house was on the market, and knew instantly that his client would be enchanted and thoroughly appreciate the incredible architectural integrity of this villa. Fabien worked with both the buyer and seller, skillfully negotiating the sale which also included the beautiful antique handmade furnishings and custom designed decorative features, such as two crystal chandeliers; one which graces the handsome wooden stairway and one which hangs above the master bath’s tiled tub.

Rental guests at the villa are pampered by two full time staff members, generous margaritas upon their arrival, and a daily breakfast of local tropical fruits and strong and delicious cappuccinos from the authentic European espresso machine.

Casa de la Torre is available for rental via their website at www.casadelatorrevilla.com.

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